Friends With Benefits

C’mon now – get your mind out of the gutter. What I’m talking about in this article is why networking is not only socially rewarding, but it raises the personal brand of the networker. After all, would you rather buy insurance from the friend of your friend or from someone you’d never laid eyes on before? For most people, the answer is obvious: a personal referral is preferred.

It’s easy enough to create a Facebook page and Twitter feed that promotes your business activities.

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Promoting Your Business

There’s nothing new about getting your future clients or customers to notice that you or your company exist. If you sold fruit from a cart a hundred or so-odd years ago, you’d be rolling it down that street, shouting something like “Fruit! Fresh! Fruit!”.

The benefit of fruit to that particular customer was that it was, well, fruit: tasty, juicy, sweet. Until the moment that fruit wagon came down the street, it’s entirely probable that the customer wasn’t even thinking about fruits.

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